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November 29, 2010

The market is not dead! It is a land of incredible opportunity.

Yes, many of us have to wait for the government, the banks and the business community to begin loosening their purse strings and elect to spend some of their savings and invest in our future. Yes, the foreclosures that according to Barclay’s Bank will not peak until 2011 (not so far away) and banks have to determine how to deal with strategic defaults and the mortgages that are still underwater, and unemployment has to make a significant turnaround before we see a more normal market.  But remember what was normal yesterday will be different that what is normal tomorrow.

Readjust your thinking and act now. Property values are at an all-time low, mortgage rates are at a record low and the valley has rarely been more affordable.
Let’s follow the aggressive attitude of our Canadian neighbors. They and other foreign investors perceive this market as an incredible investment . . . and it is.  This coming selling season from now until May of 2011 will be even more aggressive than the 2009-2010 high season.